Your Toddler’s Regression and Progression

Your Toddler’s Regression and Progression


Parenthood has its highs and lows for sure with regression and progression. Your child’s schedule is going smooth, he’s eating everything, he has little scoffs, but not out of the ordinary, and everything seems to be going well until it all changes. Your champion napper decides they don’t want to nap, and decides to scream instead of giving you two hours of peace and quiet. Or maybe your sweet little child turns clingy and cranky, throwing tantrums for no reason.

When your child seems to change practically overnight, into a mini-headache, you start asking yourself, “Where did my sweet child go?” Even in these times you might feel the most challenged, but the end is near. Your toddler could be going through regression and happens when your child is progressing in another area. If your experiencing sudden changes in your toddlers attitude and their growing and progressing at the same time, this could be why. So how do you deal with this crazy behavior?

Educate Yourself. It pays to be educated, especially when your stressed out and thinking your alone in this. Read about your child’s major milestones and that way you can adjust your expectations and behave accordingly.

Expect Anything. Right around a year old, most children learn to walk and talk, which are two huge progressions in life. These skills can use a lot of a toddler’s energy and can lead to toddler regression. Toddlers have a hard time multitasking and because of this, they tend to overcompensate.

Make Necessary Changes. If you’ve noticed a bump in your tots development, they might need to sleep more often. Make sure they’re eating enough and getting lots of attention from caregivers. When your tot starts to walk, this can be scary and exhausting so allow for extra cuddles and kisses.

Stick To A Routine. If your little one is growing and having big developmental changes, they might need some extra shut-eye. This isn’t the time to take away pacifiers or hire a new caregiver. Give your little one the consistency they need during this tough time.




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