Was Controversial Prom Picture Racist?

Was Controversial Prom Picture Racist?

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A group of high school kids got together to pose for their prom pictures in Colorado this week. The controversial prom picture they posted has become one of the most highly charged images to surface for some time. In it, a large Confederate flag is being held, surrounded by kids holding up assorted guns and rifles. The kids say it was a spur of the moment thing, and not meant to insult anyone. But the flag is considered racist by many, and the parents are questioning the wisdom of posing for such an image. Others say it is simply the flag of one version of America, and stands for old fashion American values.

Controversial Prom Picture Causes Division

At the heart of the matter is a question of symbols and parental guidance. When interviewed about the controversial prom picture and the flag, one parent stated they knew her son was spending time with a boy who hung a Confederate flag in the back of his pickup truck. She said she warned her son that the flag has racist meanings but he dismissed it. He said, “It just means pro-country Southern stuff.” But she warned him of how this flag is very emotional for many and he should avoid it. Unfortunately he didn’t listen.

Apologies And Warnings

Despite the warnings of several parents, the picture was posted on Facebook by one of the kids. That is when it went viral. Now one of the girls in the picture has posted a public apology. She said that although she felt uncomfortable taking part in the picture, peer pressure moved her to go ahead with it. Now she wishes she hadn’t. The racist connotations of the flag may be lost to a generation that sees the events of the 60s as just history or segregation and slavery as items from the past. This picture could go a long way towards opening those discussions in many families. Perhaps those conversations could take a racist image of kids with a Confederate flag surrounded by guns and turn the controversial prom picture into a learning moment for all of us.


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