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The Real Threat of Teenagers And Sexting

The Real Threat of “Sexting” Sexting is defined as a sexually explicit message usually sent as a text message from one person to another. As long as a sext takes place between two mature and consenting adults, there is nothing wrong with sending such a message, although it’s usually not recommended. As we’ve all learned […]

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Dress Code Violations More Disruptive than the Violations Themselves

Dress Code Violations More Disruptive than the Violations Themselves It seems that at least once a month we hear that a student has been punished for violating the dress code and because of an outfit that the school deemed inappropriate. Here are some of the more ridiculous examples of dress code violations that have taken […]

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Was Controversial Prom Picture Racist?

Was Controversial Prom Picture Racist? A group of high school kids got together to pose for their prom pictures in Colorado this week. The controversial prom picture they posted has become one of the most highly charged images to surface for some time. In it, a large Confederate flag is being held, surrounded by kids […]

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Cutting Self-Harm Out Of Child’s Habits

Cutting Self-Injury Out Of Child’s Habits You may have heard of it, seen it or experienced it – cutting and self-harm. While it may be one’s method for coping it is also probably a horror story to parents who do their best to be attentive and loving towards their children. The New York Times Parenting […]

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Are You And Your Teen Prepared For Prom?

Are You And Your Teen Prepared For Prom? 9 Questions To Ask First Do you need to set a prom budget? “Teenagers can get carried away when getting ready for the prom. Buying tuxedos, dresses, tickets, renting limousines and choosing a restaurant, all can be extremely expensive. “ Does your child need help selecting a […]

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5 Important Approaches To Teens And Dating

Recently, Tyga and Kylie Jenner made headlines when it was confirmed they were dating. The problem, she’s underage (17) and he’s not (25).  Many people quote the saying ‘age is just a number’. To be honest, at a certain point I do agree with it, but only when the relationship is between two consenting adults. What kids […]

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