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Why You Should Wear Your Baby

A sling or baby carrier can be a mother’s lifesaver, especially if putting them down means they’ll cry. There are many great reasons why you should wear your baby: 1. Wearing a baby promotes physical development When a baby is next to their mother, they’re in tune with her heartbeat, every breaths she takes, and […]

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Choosing The Best Baby Wrap

Choosing The Best Baby Wrap It’s not that difficult to see why moms and dads love wearing their babies in slings and baby wraps. The convenience of being able to do various tasks during the day, while using both hands, is by far one of the best things about “baby wearing.” Mothers also love the […]

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Advice and Tips For Bathing Your Newborn

Advice and Tips For Bathing Your Newborn Creating a routine for bathing your newborn is very important, especially in the first week of life. If a baby is changed frequently, they won’t need to be bathed daily. That doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate sponge bathing into their nightly routine. Bathing in a tub with certain soaps […]

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The Best And Most Nutritious Drinks For Toddlers

The Best And Most Nutritious Drinks For Toddlers There are tons of types of nutritious drinks for toddlers, so it may be hard for parents to figure out which ones are the healthy drinks and which are the ones your toddler can live without. Parents often find themselves choosing drinks that are convenient, rather than […]

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Baby Names Inspired By Different Places

Baby Names Inspired By Different Places There is definitely a growing trend of baby names inspired by famous places in the world. Whether it’s a famous city, state or country, parents are starting to commemorate a baby conceived in a specific location. Here are some of the most unique named places around the world, which could […]

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Haylie Duff Gives Birth To Baby Girl

Haylie Duff Gives Birth To Baby Girl Haylie Duff gave birth to a baby girl, Monday May 11, 2015. According to US Magazine, a rep for Haylie confirmed, “Haylie Duff and fiancé Matt Rosenberg welcomed their first child, a baby girl, on Monday, May 11, in Los Angeles, California. Both mom and baby are doing […]

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Baby Formula Health Facts

Baby Formula Health Facts The gold standard of nutrition for your child is breastfeeding. Through breastfeeding, you’re offering your child active enzymes, hormones and other important compounds. Many feel that there’s nothing better than giving their newborn baby a piece of them, something that is beneficial to both their health and development in the years […]

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All About Toddlers and Pacifiers

All About Toddlers and Pacifiers Many children use pacifiers well into their toddler and even into preschool years to soothe and calm themselves. Experts feel that toddlers hold onto pacifiers because it relieves stress, helps them adjust to certain situations, and it’s used as a transitional object. It’s completely normal for your child to crave […]

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Making Baby Food Vs. Buying Baby Food

Making Your Baby Foods Vs. Buying Baby Food: Which is Right For You? Homemade Baby Food. Making homemade baby food is both easy and economical for many mothers. If you choose organic ingredients and produce, you’re limiting the exposure your child has to toxic residues and pesticides found on conventional produce. Start by choosing fresh, […]

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Rosie O’Donnell In Custody Battle With Michelle Rounds

Rosie O’Donnell In Custody Battle With Michelle Rounds Rosie O’Donnell has found herself in an ugly custody battle with her soon-to-be ex-wife, Michelle Rounds. The couple got married in 2012 and shortly after adopted a newborn. Three years later Rosie filed for divorce stating, “an irretrievably broken relationship,” according to PEOPLE. Rounds told Entertainment Tonight […]

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The Common Causes Of A Miscarriage

The Common Causes Of A Miscarriage   Now that you’re pregnant, you may be concerned with the risks associated with a miscarriage. Most miscarriages occur for reasons we can’t explain and have no control over. In fact, most doctors and scientists can’t find the exact cause of why women miscarry, but learning what causes a […]

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