4 Tips For Raising A Transgender Child


As any parent can tell you, parenting isn’t easy. It amazes me how many people take it for granted, but parenthood is a privilege. There are plenty of people who want to be parents who never get the opportunity. However, when you do become one, you’re entrusted with the responsibilities of ensuring this living breathing child becomes an independent and accountable member of society. Your main job is to protect them and help them become the best person they can be. Make sure to be a supportive parent and remember these tips for raising a transgender child or teen.

Love and Support Your Child

Let your children play without any pressure or unspoken messages. From the toys they play with to the clothes they want to wear, let them have a say. However, make sure to prepare them for the negative reactions they may face once they leave the comfort of your home.

No Tolerance Policy

Show your child or teen you accept them by instituting a zero tolerance for disrespect, negative comments, or pressuring your child in any way. However, you also need to be willing to back up your policy. For instance, follow up with parents, or the school, if you have any issues with other kids.

Educate Yourself

As the G.I. Joe slogan goes, “Knowing is half the battle”. Don’t keep those lingering feelings of confusion. Do something about it. Learn more about gender identity and what it really means to be a transgender.

Keep an Honest and Open Communication

One of the best ways to face this journey with your child is by being open and honest. Demonstrate to your child that you’re with them and will be there when they need you. This will also help you to monitor their stress level and determine if you need to incorporate additional support through outside means (ex. therapist).

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