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Teaching Your Child Manners

Teaching Your Child Manners Every parent dreams of raising their child to be polite and have good manners, saying “please and “thank you,” after every question asked. Our children are a reflection of how we parent, and if their behavior is poor, all eyes are on us. When parents understand the core principals of good […]

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DIY Backyard Games You Can Build Yourself

DIY Backyard Games You Can Build Yourself  Summer is coming and we all know what that means. Before even the first week of summer holidays is gone your kids will be complaining they are bored and having nothing to do. Well here are some great do-it-yourself projects and games they can do in the backyard […]

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Family Fun for Cinco de Mayo!

Family Fun for Cinco de Mayo! Make a Piñata  The process will may take more than one day but it is a lot of fun! Start with a big balloon, cover it in newspaper strips and use a water and flour paste to make sure the newspaper strips stick to it. Leave balloon to dry […]

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Grounding Your Kids – Does it Work?

We have all done it. Your kid does that one thing one more time that drives you crazy. Whether it is being late for dinner or playing rough in the house, the result is the same. You lose it and tell them they are grounded. Probably the same way your own parents did. But does […]

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Top 10 Parenting Tips for Children with Autism

  Most parents who discover that their child is autistic go through a number of different emotions and feelings.  It can be a shock at first but ends up answering so many questions at the same time.  Finding out that your child has autism means that there are a few things that you will need […]

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4 Tips For Raising A Transgender Child

As any parent can tell you, parenting isn’t easy. It amazes me how many people take it for granted, but parenthood is a privilege. There are plenty of people who want to be parents who never get the opportunity. However, when you do become one, you’re entrusted with the responsibilities of ensuring this living breathing […]

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How Much Of Your Parent’s Advice Should You Take When Raising Your Own Kids?

The short answer is as much as you want. I remember holding my 12-hour-old son when my mother in law exclaimed: “Are you letting him fall asleep in your arms? Don’t do that, you’ll spoil him and then he won’t go down by himself!” The advice comes from all angles: “Cloth diapers?! Why would you […]

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10 Benefits From Enrolling Your Child In Organized Sports

Sports can help your child in a number of different areas of their development and improve upon their life.  They can make new friends, build relationships, learn something new, become physically fit and healthy, and even learn how to be a part of the team. While you might be tempted as a parent to pick […]

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Parenting Tip: Teaching How To Admit To Being Wrong

One of the hardest things that we as parents have to teach children is how to admit when they are wrong.  This is something that most adults do not even like to do, so it is a very hard concept for children to learn.  Now factor in that as parents we all make mistakes and […]

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Cyber Bullying…Is It Really That Serious?

As parents we all want what is best for our children.  While we might not always understand them it is important that we listen to them when they are talking to us.  It can be especially important in the case of cyber bullying.  I will admit that I did not realize that it was as […]

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Why You Should Allow Your Child to Spell on Their Own

Children have a hard time learning to spell because so many words are not phonetic in the English language.  With that being said when a child is first learning to read and write it is important that they be able to spell words on their own and learn to do so.  So many parents get […]

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Tips to Help Your Child Learn to Read

    Learning to read can be one of the most rewarding and exciting experiences for your child but it can also be one of the hardest and most challenging.  These tips will help you with helping your child to be successful on their journey to reading. Read to your child.  If you want a child […]

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