Kidizen: upscale clothing that is friendly to the environment and the wallet #shopkidizen

The one area where shopping consciously has been a big struggle for me has been clothing. Fair trade clothing is expensive. I love the idea of recycled clothing, but I really don’t have the time or energy to scour second-hand clothing stores. Enter the shopping apo Kidizen. It’s an upscale, online, second-hand clothing shop with a great variety of gently used clothing from brands like Gap, J. Crew, and Tea Collection.

One of the things I really like about Kidizen is that it’s all on the phone. You can make a profile for each of your kids, and then shop based on their sizes and preferences. Here is Kembe’s profile:

Here is what it looks like if I filter for Jafta:

And here is what the results look like when I filter for India:

If you find a seller you really like who has clothes in styles and sizes that fit your child, you can follow them to stay updated when they add new clothes.

India is obsessed with vintage so I was pleased to find a few fun pieces for her that were much cheaper here than they are on ebay or in vintage boutiques.

Once you’ve added items to your cart, checkout is really simple, even if you are buying from different vendors.

While we were looking for vintage items, the prices on brands from standard stores like Target, Old Navy, and Gap are very low.