Day: November 21, 2014


Alert! Huge Stroller Recall

Graco recalled 11 different stroller models today due to the folding hinge on the sides of the stroller, which can pinch a child’s finger, posing the risk of a cut or worse—an amputation. About 4.7 million strollers in the U.S. are affected under the Graco and Century-brand names, according to The models (all manufactured […]

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What language should kids use when referring to Black people?

I recently got an email asking about how what words children should use when describing someone who is Black, and I thought it was a great question. With her permission I’m sharing it here. Dear Kristen,  I recently heard my (white) 4th-grade son refer to another kid from a soccer team as the “African” kid. […]

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Cork Turkey – Easy Thanksgiving Crafts

I brought these corks up to the playroom to make something completely different but we didn’t have all the supplies I needed for that craft. After making a totally different Christmas craft ( I will post it later this week) we started cleaning up and inspiration struck! I grabbed a few more supplies and explained […]

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