Day: October 24, 2014


On not “firepitting” our marriage (or our children)

It’s one of those things that a lot of people do . . . that tendency to live your best life when others are around. A prime example of this is our backyard firepit. We pull it out almost every time we have guests over. We love sitting around it, listening to music, talking, or […]

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October Yoga Challenge Winner!

We are excited to announce the winner of our first monthly Two Fit Moms yoga challenge on Instagram! Congratulations to @catvaladezyoga for successfully completing all ten days of the challenge. Please contact [email protected] to claim your Gaiam Sol prize package that includes: a DryGrip Mat, two blocks, a yoga strap and a free download, from […]

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Phonics Game for Kids Who LOVE Princesses

I am glad I read the book Cinderella Ate by Daughter before my own daughter was “eaten” herself. My daughter loved princesses and tutus… and bulldozers too. My point is that instead of fighting these obsessions we can use them for a greater good, like learning! This is a quick phonics game that only took […]

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Turn leftover picnic supplies into reusable, adorable Halloween decorations

Turn the last few picnic supplies cluttering your pantry into easy, clever Halloween decorations. At Paging Supermom, Bettijo offers a set of free Halloween printables, including the irises for this eyeball door garland made out of yarn and paper plates. Tracey of the Australian Baby Blog turned plastic party cups into Halloween-themed luminarias with a […]

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