Q&A with Laura: Part 2

@dana_nicole11: What steps did you take to become a yoga instructor?

It took a long time for me to finally have the balls to do my teacher training. I am a very shy person when it comes to public speaking. Suffering from TMJ (Temporomandibular joint dysfunction) for most of my life, I am very self conscious of the way I speak. It really was the inspiration from Instagram and my followers that finally pushed me to get certified to teach last year. As far as steps? Grow your yoga practice and seek out a teacher/school that fits your style. YTT is expensive but it’s totally worth it if that is the path you want to take.  Good luck!

@ewer_rosalind: How do you get balance when doing a handstand? Would you please post a basic pose to do a handstand?

Check out my articles on this subject HERE.

@lesleyacooper: How do you balance being a wife, a mommy, a job, a yoga practice, yoga classes, plus all the other things you do?

I would love to say that this is easy…but it is not! I either wake up early to get my yoga practice in or do it with the hubby after the kids go to bed. I am a very laid back person, so honestly…I usually just go with the flow.

@itiajones: How long did it take you to become a certified teacher?

My YTT was a bit different than most…My teachers were very flexible when it came to working around my schedule. All in all though, it took about five months to complete my 200 hour certification.

@stephaniejnsn: I want to self teach, where should I start?

When I wanted to grow my at home practice, I bought some DVDs. Nowadays there are some awesome online websites for classes. We will also be releasing classes soon…so stay tuned!

@theyogaichef: I would like to know about your diet…

Already answered this in my last post…but in short, I am not vegetarian or vegan.  I eat everything in moderation.

@julieannnie: Did you still practice yoga when you were pregnant?

I did prenatal yoga once or twice a week.  I did not have the practice I have now when I was pregnant.

@yogafanatic: When are you practicing yoga? Evening or morning? What type of yoga do you practice? Do you have another job or are you a full time yoga teacher?

I prefer to practice in the morning…sometimes it doesn’t happen, so then I will do it at night. I mainly practice Vinyasa flow. Currently, I work part time for a software company, but I am slowly transitioning to a full time yoga career.

@franziiiii001: Do you dance ballet?

No.  Never danced.  I only practiced gymnastics.

@vianagels: When are you coming to Amsterdam, Holland?

Um…Whenever you’ll have me!

@malgiac: What other forms of exercise do you regularly do? Is most of your strength training done through yoga? Or do you do other forms of exercise to help with your yoga poses?

For more than two years, I have been strictly yoga.  I used to lift weights and do crazy cardio which made me a different kind of strong. However, since making the leap to only do yoga…I feel like I am the strongest I have ever been.

@amandadolanyoga: Do you feel that with your increase in followers it’s put pressure on you or your practice?

Absolutely. In the early stages of my Instagram, I felt a ton of pressure to do crazy shit that I probably wasn’t ready to do yet. Nowadays, the pressure actually just helps to inspire me…to be a better yogi on the mat and off. I don’t force poses anymore…I just practice harder!

@yogalu123: Have we seen the last of your office yoga? 

No, I’m still in the office part time…but we hired more people so I haven’t busted any out yet in front of them!

@breadpuddin: Best advice for yogis teaching themselves at home?

Take pics/videos to check your alignment.  Be patient and mindful because you do not want to injure yourself. Make it a point to seek out an actual class a few times too to get some hands on experience!

@dat_panoramic_dude: What’s your horoscope?

I’m a Gemini…on the cusp with Taurus. So I’m a stubborn psycho! LOL

@trinitysantosha: How do you incorporate your mini into your regular practice?

Usually I just start playing around, and she joins me in a few things.  She’s four so her attention span is still…um…short.  LOL

@jezreelfaith: I’m 24. Is it late to start making a goal of flexibility through yoga?

UM…You’re a young buck compared to me!  So nope!  It’s never too late!!

@jooleeeah: What do all the terms mean? (Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Bikram, etc.) As a beginner, how can I choose the right yoga path for me? What apps do you use to edit your photos/speed up your videos?

The terms you mentioned are just different types of yoga. Traditional Ashtanga and Bikram are set sequences you practice…Vinyasa is more flexible in terms of flows. The only way you can choose which one works for you is to try them all out!

For photos, I use Snapseed and PS Express.  For videos, I use iMovie.

@alfreulicesto: How did your little one start doing yoga with you? Did she want to do it or did you include her?

She started because she saw me doing it everyday! Kids are very receptive and learn quickly… so it wasn’t a huge leap for her to start trying to “be like mommy”.  Kids copy what they see…

@lydiamakokha: What has been a recent difficult experience you’ve had to face and how did you get through it?

A recent difficult experience…hmm…probably filming yoga classes. I’m extremely shy in front of a camera.  I got through it by just being brave and doing it.  LOL

@queenjanette: Have you ever taught in the San Jose/ San Fran area? Would you come if I can organize a group?

I’ve never been to Cali yet…It’s on my list for next year!

@yogadaisuki04: What would you recommend a complete beginner to do in order to improve their flexibility and strength?

Practice every day! You will only get more flexible with a consistent practice. Of course genetics plays a part with how your body may be built…but you will definitely see progress no matter how much you think genetics is against you.

@minnich29: Any suggestions on overcoming the fear of headstands after having upper cervical spine issues?

I would definitely recommend seeking out a really good yoga teacher to guide you in your attempts. Someone you can trust and who knows the correct alignment for headstands. In supported headstand, most of the pressure should be in your forearms, not your head… keep that in mind when you practice them!

@mumblesofabumble: How do I break from following videos to building my own flows?

Honestly?  It just takes experience and taking A LOT of different classes.  Eventually it’s just second nature to the different poses you can build on from a posture.

@arielle_fischer: What motivated you (before IG) to practice daily?

I decided to start working out daily in 2003 when I got engaged…So having a daily fitness routine has been something I’ve been doing for over a decade now. It’s become such an integral part of my day that I’m just used to doing it daily.

@mamomalley: What is the most challenging thing you have found with parenting and if you could go back in time, what would you tell your 20 year old self now that you are older and wiser and more worldly?

The most challenging thing I have found with parenting is having patience sometimes. LOL. I definitely have some days where I need to stop myself from yelling my head off at the minis when they are misbehaving!

I would tell my 20 year old self to have more confidence…I lacked that when I was younger.

@nekokai: How do you get into the no hands headstand?

It’s simply a pop up or clap. I don’t recommend even trying this until you have a very solid headstand practice.  Even then…be very careful.

@chelseakyann: How often do you work on flexibility and how often do you work on strength?

To me…they are one in the same.  During my daily yoga practice, I include both.

@luvdoggies: Do tight hips, groin and spine ever improve with regular practice?  What type of mattress do you use?

Yes…flexibility will improve with a daily practice.  And not sure what kind of mattress… It’s nothing special!

@choclat_beautee720: What are the best yoga moves to do to help lengthen and loosen up my hamstrings?

My faves are HERE.

@msfischh: Do you not have body hair or do you shave everywhere everyday?

LOL…UM, I shave pretty much every other day.  Even if it’s longer, it wouldn’t show up in a pic from that far away!

@chapis_nbp: Is there any chance that you would make a YouTube channel to teach yoga? How many years have you practiced yoga? If I want to start yoga, what is the best advice you could give me?

I do not use YouTube but we will have classes available soon to download!

I’ve practiced yoga for about 18 years now.

My advice to you…Be patient! Try not to get frustrated…and STAY WITH IT!