Day: July 22, 2014


The Best Ride-On Toys For Kids

Fact: Kids love to climb onto anything and everything they possibly can. Especially things that weren’t really designed for climbing (cue spill, booboo, and bandage time!). Enter the ride-on toy—kids love ‘em and we can feel a little more at-ease knowing that they are scaling something meant to be climbed onto and rolled around on. So, clear the hallways folks, […]

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Glow Nurture, A Next-Gen Pregnancy App

Women who are trying (or really not trying) to get pregnant might already be familiar with the app Glow. And now the S.F.-based data company, which claims it has helped over 20,000 women conceive, has launched Glow Nurture, a brand-new app for those of us knocked up ladies. Move over BabyCenter, this next-generation app is a daily […]

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Ever been on pregnancy bed rest? Please share your #parenthacks!

I’m writing the "Preparing for Baby" chapter in the forthcoming Parent Hacks book (did I mention I’m writing a book?) and it occured to me that some of my future readers may read it while on bed rest. Photo credit: Brooklyn Museum Online Collection I’m doing research into how folks handle bed rest, but (not […]

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Researchers Found a Link Between Autism and Your Environment

A new study finds an association between exposure to pesticides during pregnancy and having children with autism. Though avoiding gross chemicals is always a good idea, it’s important to note that researchers found a link; they didn’t prove causation. (So don’t sell your house just yet.) Watch to learn more about the study.  Related:  Can These Common […]

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Outtakes from Southeast Asia

I’ve been sharing some of the stories of our trip to S.E. Asia. If you haven’t read them I hope you will. I’ve written about how sex trafficking is defined, and how the Exodus Road has started an alliance to coordinate the efforts of anti-trafficking teams across the globe. I’ve talked about how commonplace indentured […]

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First Look: Nico Nico Fall 2014

Nico has one cool mom, and his mom makes some pretty cool clothes. Designed by L.A.-based Sue Tsai, Nico Nico clothing (named after her son) is right up there with some of our very favorite children’s brands. With Tsai’s background in fashion design and styling, her clothes are not only mega fashionable, but easy to wear and […]

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Mother Love: Dott Underwear

We want our kids to wear cute clothes, that’s a given. But what about their underclothes? Why can’t they be cute, too? Enter DOTT, a New York-based children’s underwear line, founded by a husband-and-wife team in May of this year. With a passion for design, style, and comfort, the duo creates adorable skivvies for boys and girls, in cute prints, […]

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