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Exclusive: The Next Big Thing From Stokke

We’re huge fans of Stokke‘s modern and functional products over here at Mother, so we’re thrilled to offer you this exclusive sneak peek video of the brand’s latest stroller, the Stokke Trailz, a versatile all-terrain baby-carting vehicle coming out this fall. Outdoorsy moms, do you need one of these in your life? The post Exclusive: […]

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What To Read While Expecting, 15 Top Pregnancy Books!

With all of the pregnancy and parenting how-to books on the market, shizz can get confusing. And it can be even more confusing when you’re a first-time mom. With that in mind, we’ve gathered some of the greatest new-mama must-reads that will help answer all of your questions (and then some), and help prepare you and your partner for […]

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Sweatpants That Are Actually Cute

Moms and sweatpants are kinda like best friends. We love them because they make us feel good, and are functional and easy to throw on in a jif. But they’re not always the most attractive thing walking down the hallways at school to drop off the kids. Some moms (we won’t name names) wear them to bed and when they rise, poof—already… […]

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Paths To Motherhood: At-Home Insemination

Knowing that not all families are started the super traditional way (i.e. girl gets pregnant with ease, pops out baby), we bring you our column Paths To Motherhood, highlighting women who have taken a less than typical route to becoming a mother. Michelle Fiona, Malia Spanyol, and River Mae San Francisco, CA Michelle (top left), […]

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Mother Hoods: Chicago’s Best According To Amanda Jane Jones

Heading to the Windy City any time soon? Why not let Mother profile subject Amanda Jane Jones be your guide? We asked the Hyde Park resident to spill on all of her favorite hotspots in town, from good eats to her favorite beach, most of which are kid friendly! What are your favorite places in your city to… Eat […]

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Guess ‘Em—Hipster Celebrity Baby Names!

Baby names…it’s a topic that never gets old to us, which is why we’re bringing you this first installment of our baby name guessing game, featuring what some might dub “hipster” names anointed to the offspring of celebs in the fashion world, Hollywood, and the music industry. A fair warning: It’s not all that easy! […]

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11 Ways To Use Coconut Oil In Your Beauty Routine

Coconut oil has recently become one of the most talked about “beauty” breakthroughs because of its countless uses, health benefits, and, of course, its inexpensive price tag. If you’re not already nuts for this delicious-smelling miracle oil, then it’s high time you see what all the fuss is about. Apparently coconut oil can be used for everything—from cooking to […]

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Why Sesame Street & Toddlers Might Not Mix

Kids and screentime is a hot topic these days. (We even dipped our toes into the subject right here.) And while letting your children watch programs on the TV, iPad, or smartphone is a totally personal choice, new research out of the University of Iowa is hoping to shed a little light onto what types […]

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Q&A With Breastmilk’s Director, Dana Ben-Ari

We’ve already told you about the film Breastmilk (a couple of times, actually!). And now we’d like you to hear about the thought-provoking movie from the woman who made it, director and mama of two, Dana Ben-Ari. We suggest you watch the film asap (if you haven’t already, it’s now on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon […]

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5 Creative Toddler Activities For Rainy Days

When it rains, it pours—especially when gloomy weather is putting a damper on your outside plans and keeping your energizer bunny of a toddler from playing outdoors. Being cooped up inside all day is boring for kids, and it’s good to have a few indoor activities up your sleeve. So, we’ve found five rainy day activities that are fun… […]

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Meet Sproutling, A FitBit For Babies

If you’re like many new parents, you obsess about every detail of your baby, pretty much every second of the day (perhaps even while your little one is sleeping). You’re also likely very sleep deprived. Enter Sproutling, a brand-spankin’-new baby monitor that promises to learn and predict your baby’s unique behaviors and, in turn, make your life “a […]

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How To Share A Room With Your Baby…In Style

Have a baby on the way, but not an extra room to spare for a nursery? Don’t worry, lots of mothers have had this problem before you, and it wasn’t necessarily solved by upgrading to a bigger pad. In fact, all it takes is a little imagination to convert your current master bedroom into a […]

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