Day: July 21, 2014


Bikini at 3.5 months post-partum? Yep!

The Rookie Moms Challenge #35 is Buy some new jeans but I switched it up because I needed a swim suit. I should also probably claim credit for taking a baby swimming, but I’ll tell you more about that later. Ok so I confess, I headed out to Old Navy about week 2 postpartum because […]

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What would you like 25% MORE of?

It’s no secret that everything these days (with the exception of my waistline) seems to be getting smaller.  Cereal boxes, frozen treats, they all slowly shrink before our eyes.  For this reason,  I’m often both shocked and elated to see my favorite things boasting more.  Why hello there, peanut butter! More caramel, nougat and milk […]

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Solving the “six o’clock scramble”

As a result, dinner prep is usually a chaotic affair. Here’s how it usually goes: 5pm: Feel hungry. Think about making dinner.5:15pm Kids complain about hunger. Think about making dinner.5:30pm Resolve to make dinner.5:35 Check fridge. Realize I have 2 pita pockets, leftover brown rice, and a packet of carrots.5:40 Call Mark and ask him […]

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