Solving the “six o’clock scramble”

As a result, dinner prep is usually a chaotic affair. Here’s how it usually goes:

5pm: Feel hungry. Think about making dinner.5:15pm Kids complain about hunger. Think about making dinner.5:30pm Resolve to make dinner.5:35 Check fridge. Realize I have 2 pita pockets, leftover brown rice, and a packet of carrots.5:40 Call Mark and ask him to pick up Wahoo’s on the way home from work.

The meals showed up at our house in refrigerated boxes. This is the ingredients for 3 meals for 6 people. (You can see why grocery shopping is a pain.)

Everything was neatly labeled and organized. The way I wish my fridge would always look.

The first meal I made was Pan-Seared Chicken & Tomato Salad.

I have to say, I think this is one of the best meals I have ever made at home. It was good. So good. Perfectly seasoned chicken with a greek yogurt, tomato, and cucumber salad.

Next, I made Cod & Pattypan Squash En Papillote. This meal was definitely a bit out of my comfort zone . . . I’d never even tried pattypan squash before, and I rarely make fish. It ended up being simple, and I like the way this pushed me to try something new.

Our third meal was a Filipino-Style Beef Picadillo. Once again, a little push out of my comfort zone. Have you ever had a cheyote? Yeah, me neither!

(As it turns out, they are sweet and crunchy like jicama.)

I put Mark to work on the chopping. We actually had fun chatting over drinks as we prepared this meal.

This was another hit. I don’t eat a lot of beef but even I liked this one. Really interesting flavors. Jafta took leftovers for lunch the next day and has asked me to make it several times since.

Once again, one of the best meals I’ve ever made at home.

Blue Apron, you complete me.

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