Day: July 20, 2014


We are all artists

As you start this week, may you find a nugget of courage to do the hard thing your heart is aching to do. May you find enough freedom to do something brave and risky, something that taps that gift you were given but haven’t yet fully and outwardly exercised. We are all artists in some […]

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Daily Practice: Hanumanasana

From Downward Facing Dog, step the right foot in between the hands.  Make sure the right knee is stacked over the right ankle, hips are square to the top of your mat and you are on the ball of your left foot. Come onto your fingertips and lengthen your spine forward. Sink the right thigh […]

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Summer Activities For Kids

It’s the summer!!! I am still so excited about not having to wake up early to catch the school bus, which is great because we’ve been staying up way too late reading The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. That’s an affiliate link to Amazon if you want to read a review, we will have a […]

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