Day: June 16, 2014


I loved YogiBaby but not for the yoga

The Challenge: Go to a Baby Yoga Class One of the biggest worries I have as a new mom is taking Weston into the greater world. I get a little nervous about people responding to him; if he’s crying, or hungry, or needs to be changed, I don’t exactly know all the protocol yet, and […]

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Baked Creamy Chicken Taquitos

Longtime readers of this blog might be feeling a little deja vu.  This Chicken Taquito recipe is one of the all-time most popular recipes on Our Best Bites.  The story behind it is interesting, too.  I was actually making something entirely different that I planned on entering into a recipe contest.  That recipe was somewhat […]

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Love Your Locks: 3 Homemade Conditioners

Your family has made the decision to live a Green Lifestyle. You buy local organic food, you wear organic clothing, you even make your own cleaning supplies! But why stop there? Making your own conditioner is one of the easiest ways to tie your Green Lifestyle into your beauty routine. In this post, we’ll share […]

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QOES: Would you read your child’s diary?

An interesting dilemma came up today. India has kept a diary for much of the last year, and usually shares it with me. But today, she let me know that I’m not allowed to read it. And while I’m fine with that, since I suspect her current rants involve how annoying her brothers are and […]

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Five simple ways to make your summer a sabbath

by Sarah MarkleyMost of us do not have the luxury, like our children, of taking the whole summer “off” from life. We have deadlines to meet, dirty diapers to change, and duties to fulfill. Let’s face it, sometimes summer doesn’t feel like the beautiful sabbatical it once was when we were kids. The idea of […]

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