Day: April 16, 2014


How do get kids to do just about anything

Every once and I while I will post a picture on instagram that will cause someone to ask, “How do you get your kids to do that?” How do you get your kids to play chess?How do you get your kids to do yoga?How do you get your kids to watch that show? Well, today […]

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DIY Pom-Pom Nursery Decor

Browsing Pinterest for baby’s nursery inspiration, you’ve probably seen a million and one ideas. But many can be time-consuming, and as an expectant or new mom, you need a project that’s high-impact yet simple. A soft, whimsical way to add some color is with some Pom-Poms. You’ve seen them on Etsy, but have you ever […]

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Books About Adversity

Adversity is something my kids haven’t had to face much of in their lives. They have struggled but not in any great way. While I do know that there will be a time when they will really struggle ( gosh just thinking about that brings tears to my eyes) . I want them to know […]

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Backyard Safari and Map Activity

This map activity was a huge hit because it included pretend play. Preschoolers love jumping into a fun pretend play scenario and adding a big dose of imagination to a regular old activity. My daughter loves going on safari when she plays dress up so I used that love to turn a simple hunt into […]

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A Day In The Life of Canoe Austin

I first met Natalie Davis when she worked at Rena Tom’s Rare Device shop. Anything associated with Rare Device will always have a special place in my heart because visiting that shop, and Rena, on a daily basis was a big part of my life when I first started Design*Sponge. Rena always had her finger […]

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