Mother and Two Children Still Missing Because of Texas Flood

Mother and Two Children Still Missing Because of Texas Flood

Texas Flood

Heavy rains in Texas and Oklahoma last week caused massive flooding being dubbed as the Texas flood. According to FOX News, because of the floods 17 people have died and 40 have gone missing. In addition to that, 4,000 homes and properties have been damaged and 2,500 vehicles were abandoned by people seeking to find higher ground, just in the Houston area alone.

Of the 40 people who have gone missing three are of the McComb family. The family was vacationing in Wimberley, Texas when the floods started on Saturday night. Jonathan McComb husband of Laura McComb and father of two – Leighton and Andrew – was found but the whereabouts of his wife and children are unknown.

Jonathan McComb’s father, Joe McComb, was reported saying that he believed a tree was to blame for knocking over the family’s cabin and causing it to be swept away along with the flood.

At this point Joe McComb says that reality is settling in for the family but they are trying not to lose hope, despite the realization that the outcome might not be what they are hoping for, reported CNN.

According to KVUE, Laura McComb’s sister, Julie Shields had been texting with her the night of the flood. It seems that Shields, however, is not holding onto hope and is accepting that most likely her sister, niece and nephew are “gone.”

Around 1 a.m. Shields received a text message from her sister saying, “I’m in a house. I’m floating down the river. Tell mom and dad, ‘I love you,’ and pray.”


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