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The Real Threat of Teenagers And Sexting

The Real Threat of “Sexting” Sexting is defined as a sexually explicit message usually sent as a text message from one person to another. As long as a sext takes place between two mature and consenting adults, there is nothing wrong with sending such a message, although it’s usually not recommended. As we’ve all learned […]

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The 3 Guaranteed Best Cars For Mom

The 3 Guaranteed Best Cars For Mom Several sites have tried to compile a list for what the best cars for mom are out there today. When buying a new car a parent obviously looks for a great deal, including safety, affordability and gas mileage. Of the countless lists out there, a few cars made the […]

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Coping With Infertility And Other Options

Coping With Infertility And Other Options There comes a time in life when two people get married and then try for a baby. They’ve discussed having a family throughout their relationship, hoping they would get pregnant quick. They timed the months perfectly and the time is now. Years go by, and after numerous false responses, […]

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Exercise And Mommy: 3 Ways To Stay Fit

Exercise And Mommy: 3 Ways To Stay Fit When you first bring home your baby, your thoughts are on the baby and that’s about it. So it’s no surprise many moms tend to let exercise take a back seat to more important matters, like sleep. However, if you can find time to do even a short ten […]

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