Exercise And Mommy: 3 Ways To Stay Fit

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Exercise And Mommy: 3 Ways To Stay Fit

When you first bring home your baby, your thoughts are on the baby and that’s about it. So it’s no surprise many moms tend to let exercise take a back seat to more important matters, like sleep. However, if you can find time to do even a short ten minute exercise break, you’ll definitely notice a difference. I know I did. Try one of the 3 easy ways for new moms to get exercise.

Exercise For Mom: Dance It Off

Dancing is great way to get a light cardio workout in. Plus you can easily work this in no matter what age your child is. If you have a baby, you can hold them while you dance; as they get older you can let them participate too.

Exercise For Mom: Those Boots Are Made for Walking…

Go for a walk with your kids. If they are too young to walk, use a stroller; but remember to wait until at least 6 months old to use a jogging stroller. If you don’t have a lot of time, don’t stress. Walk up and down your neighborhood or around your house a few times. You set the time, just make sure to fit it in.

Exercise For Mom: Game It Up

In this day and age, technology makes exercising a snap. You can use the Nintendo Wii to play games like Just Dance or Wii Fit; or check out Zumba on the Xbox. I love being able to play games and still get my workout in.

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