Guess ‘Em—Hipster Celebrity Baby Names!

Baby names…it’s a topic that never gets old to us, which is why we’re bringing you this first installment of our baby name guessing game, featuring what some might dub “hipster” names anointed to the offspring of celebs in the fashion world, Hollywood, and the music industry. A fair warning: It’s not all that easy! But we think this “game” serves as baby name inspiration, at the very least. How many kids did you match with the correct mama? Let us know in the comments, along with your favorite monikers from this list!

1. Sunny Bebop
2. Matilda Rose
3. Lily-Rose Melody
4. Ramona
5. Bingham Hawn
6. Iris
7. Maxim
8. Neva
9. Nico
10. Monroe
11. Bowie Lou
12. Massai
13. Valentina
14. Minnie
15. Memphis
16. Aleph
17. Sparrow
18. Lila Grace
19. Arrow
20. Axl

Who’s My Mama?
1. Frankie Rayder 2. Michelle Williams 3. Vanessa Paradis (also, John “Jack” Christopher) 4. Maggie Gyllenhaal (also, Gloria Ray) 5. Kate Hudson (also, Ryder Russell) 6. Sadie Frost (also, Rudy, Rafferty, and Finlay) 7. Natalia Vodianova (also, Lucas and Viktor) 8. Again! Natalia Vodianova (also, Lucas and Viktor) 9. Thandie Newton (also Booker and Riley) 10. Mariah Carey (also, Moroccan) 11. Rebecca Minkoff (also, Luca) 12. Nia Long (also, Kez) 13. Salma Hayek 14. Maya Rudolph (also, Pearl, Lucille, and Jack) 15. Jemima Kirke (also, Rafella) 16. Natalie Portman 17. Nicole Richie (also, Harlow) 18. Kate Moss 19. Sarah Sophie Flicker (also, Wilder and Dusty) 20. Fergie