Places You Might Want to Avoid This Summer


1. Egypt

Although a River Nile Cruise, in-depth exploration of The Valley of the Kings or even seeing the Pyramids of Giza sounds amazing on most days you might want to stay away from Egypt this summer. It seems, unfortunately, that there have been a series of attacks on Egypt’s military being carried out by the Islamic State. Egypt, described by The Washington Post, as “the region’s most stable countries,” was unable to maintain that stability after this recent attack. While the area is described as authoritarian, the Islamic State has been able to use their influence to gain control over towns of up to 60,000 people.


2. Greece

While amazingly beautiful, the experience might not very pleasant seeing as many locals are dealing with an extremely broken financial system. According to The Wall Street Journal, Greece had to shut down its banking system in order to avoid having too much money leave the country. The financial crisis is affecting almost every aspect of life in Greece, down to retail stores no longer being able receive wholesale shipments because of an inability to pay. Because nobody is spending money, many businesses are shutting down, not knowing if they will be able to re-open.


3. France

After the Charlie Hebdo shooting in January, where two Islamist gunmen opened fire in the Paris Headquarters of Charlie Hebdo, travelers may have thought twice about visiting France. Aside from the Je suis Charlie protests for Free Speech people may have decided it was safe to travel to France again. Unfortunately, on June 26th another attack took place where another Islamic man decapitated his employer’s head and placed it on a fence railing along with two Jihadist flags. He then attempted to blow up a nearby factory. This attack was also traced back to the Islamic State. The Daily Mail reports that France is, “now classed as highly at risk from terrorism.”

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