Must-Haves For Mom: Ways To Allergy-Proof Your Kid’s Bedrooms

Reducing allergens

If you or your children have any sort of allergies, it’s important to take the right steps to reduce allergens in your home. Some of the steps to reduce allergens in the home can be quite time-consuming, not to mention a little complicated. The good news is, there are some easy things you can do to make sure your home is a better environment for you and your children. Depending on the allergy, some of these may be more effective than others.

Here are some sanity-saving products that are for kids with environmental allergies.

Allergy pillow cover: Have your children rest easy with a pillowcase that is encased with an allergen barrier. This is the best way to keep their pillow allergy-friendly, which in the end lets them have a better night sleep. These are designed to get covered by another pillowcase, but they do a wonderful job keeping dust mites and other yuckies from accumulating in your child’s bed. (Target $11)

Blueair Sense: One of the most important things that should be in your child’s room should be an air purifier. The Blueair Sense uses very little energy while it removes 99.97% of the harmful airborne pollutants from the air, and it’s controlled by a motion-sensor. If your kids have frequent sinus or ear infections caused by allergies, save time and money and purchase the only air filter you’ll need. (Blueair, $479)

Sweet Velvet Teddy Bear: Stuffed animals are a wonderful way to comfort your child during their bedtime routine. Unfortunately, dust mites love these soft and cuddly animals, but this stuffy is perfect for any child or adult with lifelong allergies or asthma. This teddy bear is not only soft and cuddly, but it meets the Allergy Foundation of America’s asthma & allergy friendly standards for toys. (Build-A-Bear $16)

Babyganics Multi-Surface Cleaner: Along with allergy-proofing your home and reducing asthma attacks, it’s important to limit the amount of chemicals and fragrances that are sprayed into the air your children are breathing. From the food that is caked on dressers or boogers that are smeared on walls, this fragrance-free spray uses minimal chemicals, but it’s been proven to be an effective cleaner for even the toughest of jobs.

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