Parenting Teenagers

parenting teenagers

How many parenting magazines are there out there? Countless. However, how many of them advise on issues specifically pertaining to our kids that are tweens, teens and in their early twenties? Not many.

No matter what age they are, our children will always be our children, and we’re always going to wonder if there is something more we could be doing for them. Noticing how few parenting magazines cater to the needs of parents of older children, Sheryl Pidgeon decided to do something about it.

Pidgeon, a long time marketing professional and philanthropist has started a parenting magazine that caters to the parents of kids anywhere from 12to 21 according to Plano Star Media. The goal of her new magazine, Good Life Family, is to “connect parents with the information, resources, and professionals they need to help them navigate the challenges of raising good kids – Kids who find their own paths to happiness.”

On the site Pidgeon tells readers that Good Life Family magazine was on her mind for almost a decade, she realized one of her greatest strengths was helping “brilliant minds share their ideas with those who could benefit.”

Good Life Family was launched in January of 2015 and is published semi-monthly, meanwhile the magazine’s website is updated much more frequently according to The Dallas Morning News.

Dr. Sandy Gluckman the Founder of Parents Take Charge, told The Dallas Morning News, “Every article in Good Life Family is filled with the very latest information for parenting teens, written by leading experts and professionals. What I like best about this magazine is the fact that it is chock full of practical tips that can make life so much easier for the whole family during the challenging teenage years.”

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