Your Toddler’s Speech Milestones

toddler speech milestones

It’s always a thrill to hear your toddler talk away, and watch their vocabulary blossom as they grow older. The way a child enunciates and combines new words, is a joy to watch and see. As time passes, you’ll start to see your child put sentences together, learning different sounds from those around them.

During the first year, your baby will imitate and babble in a language only they can understand. As your child discovers how to make new sounds, words start to form. When your child is around 4 or 5 months, you’ll start to hear them vocalize “mama” or “dada.” Here are some speech milestones you can expect from your tot during their first year of life. 

12 to 18 months
– Their first birthday sparks the use of one or two useful words. Looking at the coming months, they will try and copy words they hear only babbling away as if they’re having a full-blown conversation with themselves. You will start to see your little one practice different tones when asking questions. By 18 months, common constant sounds are used much more.

-Sign language can be introduced to the child so parents can have another form of effective communication.

19 to 24 months
-Your child will start to add more and more words to their vocabulary from now until the rest of their life. Many of these words your child adds will be nouns for the objects and people in their life. Since your child’s grammar skills are still undeveloped, they will oftentimes say “I do it” or “Me down.”

-As your little one comes close to their second birthday, they will start to use simple two-to-four word sentences and singing little tunes will begin. If you don’t see improvements in your child’s language development, talk to the doctor regarding any concerns.

31 to 36 months
-By the time your child is 3, words turn more sophisticated, and they should be able to carry on simple conversations. The conversations they once used, turns a bit more complex at this stage. Your child will also understand simple rules of grammar and their pronouns are used correctly during this stage.

-By this age, adults and everyone around your child should understand almost everything that comes out of their mouth.

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