Is Your Child Considered Sensitive?

sensitive child

Does your child enjoy quiet time alone, or do they love big, noisy groups? Does your child tend to read your mind, and ask tons of questions? Is your child incredibly perceptive regarding all minor details in life? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may be raising a highly sensitive child, which isn’t a bad thing.

Children who are born with a nervous system that is highly aware and quick to react to life’s circumstances, are considered to be part of the fifteen percent of children considered highly sensitive. Children who are highly sensitive, are all categorized as being gifted intellectually, creatively, and emotionally demonstrating genuine compassion at an early age, but with that bring some negatives. These children have a tenancy to become overwhelmed in situations that involve crowds, noises, new situations, sudden changes, and emotional distress from others around them.

When parenting your sensitive child, look at this as an extremely rewarding thing, even though it can be very exhausting. Here are some ways to raise your highly sensitive child with some parenting tips that are proven.

gentle discipline

Gentle Discipline
Every child needs limits and structure, no matter what. What you may say to a child that isn’t as sensitive, you might want to switch wording around a little bit and say something that won’t affect them but still gets the point across. Instead of yelling and spanking your child, use gentle and effective discipline with your child.

Focus On Their Strengths
If one of your children are highly sensitive, it might be hard to remember that their acting out because of the many feelings inside of being overwhelmed and emotionally drawn out. Thinking of a child who is sensitive, think of their strengths first.

Sensitivity Is Good Thing
As a parent, it’s easy to become frustrated and angry with your child who’s easily saddened, or gets scared at the littlest of things in life. When thinking of the intelligent artists, innovators and creative people in this world, they too were all sensitive. Instead of thinking that sensitivity is a bad thing, think of it as a special gift your child has.

Be Your Child’s Partner
When a parent partners with their child, they will get a lot further. A parent who understands what causes their child to become overwhelmed, will be the one who helps them avoid emotional outbursts. Sensitive children respond far better with being requested to do something, rather than given some sort of harsh discipline. 

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