Stranger Treats Mom to Lunch to Applaud Mommy Skills

Stranger Treats Mom to Lunch to Applaud Mommy Skills

stranger treats mom

When a stranger treats a mom to lunch, you might call it a random act of kindness. When she does it to thank her for the care and loving attention she gives her son at the restaurant, it makes the news. A Kentucky mom found this out first hand when she went up to pay for her lunch, and found someone else had paid it for her.

Stranger Treats Mom For Loving Care

Katy Simcox was out for lunch with her three year old son Maddox. It was a treat for them as Maddox’s Dad had joined them for lunch. Katy’s son was absorbed in coloring in very carefully his special placemat while they enjoyed the day. For Katy it was an ordinary day until she got up to pay for her meal at the cash register. That was when she found out the woman who sat behind them had already paid. When she walked over to thank her, Simcox was told that her loving kindness with her son was an inspiration to the woman. “Other moms can learn a few things from you,” the woman told her.

Kentucky Mom Suffers Postpartum Depression

The two moms talked for a few minutes further. That was when Simcox admitted she was struggling with postpartum depression. Her benefactor offered her a contact number and said she was there for her if she ever needed support. Who knows, the two may become friends? Moms everywhere can take pride in this little event, knowing that sometimes just feeling motherly love, despite other problems, can be seen and acknowledged. We can even pass it on by being the next one to buy lunch for a loving parent.

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