Daddy Blogger: The Rise of Dads on the Web

Daddy Blogger: The Rise of Dads on the Web

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For more and more dads, finding help about everything from kid’s illnesses to the technical background of your kid’s new toy is on the web. And not just anywhere on the web. That is because the role of the daddy blogger has been growing as more and more fathers take an active role in raising their kids. While we all hear plenty about mommy bloggers and their incredible impact on commerce, daddy blogger sites have also been growing and gaining importance. One of the early versions of this was on the social media site Reddit. The site created a place where dads get their own little corner of the net to talk, complain and share experiences on Daddit.

Daddy Blogger Sites Gain Followers

While the first few sites grew slowly, it soon became apparent that fathers were hungry for this kind of forum to gain insights into the new world of fatherhood. With 48 percent of all married couples both working, the need for fathers to be more involved with their kid’s upbringing has grown. It is also a place for fathers to be honest about their fears and to find like-minded fathers to share in their concerns. Beyond the sites, places like Twitter have exploded with new daddy-oriented conversations.

Learning To Be A Dad

As one blogger commented, “No one teaches you to be a dad.” For many young fathers trying to be more than simply a paycheck to take care of wife and child, daddy blogger sites as well as forums and invitation-only email lists are a key to learning. They have also become a safe place to ask questions, blow off steam and even explore new ideas. All within the daddy blogger environment where comments that roam outside of PC territory are less likely to cause trouble. So should mommy bloggers applaud this move on the web to create special forums for dads? Seems like a good idea whose time has come.

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