Entertain Your Kids With A Trip To The Zoo

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Entertain Your Kids With A Trip To The Zoo

The zoo is a great place to educate children about animals. What’s more fun than a trip to the zoo with your little one? Seeing other little ones! The Los Angeles Zoo has an event going on from March 23 until April 26, 2015, inviting all to come and meet the babies at the zoo.

The Zoo put out this information up on its website, “You may already know about Rosie, our adorable baby hippo. But have you heard about our other babies, like the koala, howler monkey, colobus monkey, giraffe, giant river otter pups, peninsular pronghorn, Coquerel’s sifaka, five baby chimps, and the newly hatched piranha?”


If you visit anytime until April 26th the zoo will provide you and your family with a fun Activity Guide and map so that you can attempt to find all the newest babies. There is also an opportunity to name the newest baby kangaroo in the #NameOurRoo contest the zoo is having. The winner gets a GoPro HERO4 Camera and a Family Deluxe Membership.


MommyUniversity also lists a few great reasons why it you should take the family out for a day at the zoo. The zoo enhances language development, MommyUniversity makes a valid point here. Children are exposed to new concepts as well as new words and animals expanding their knowledge. The experience allows for them to be curious, to ask questions and to think. This all leads to more knowledge and the potential of self-discovery – even if it is as simple as realize they really don’t like reptiles. Another great reason is exercise! What better way to get everyone moving than walking through a fun-filled zoo?


According to the website, LAzoo.org, The Los Angeles Zoo has been around since 1966 and is home to more than 1,100 mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles. The zoo also has a botanical collection which consists of 800 different plant species with over 7,400 individual plants. Thanks to the Los Angeles Zoo many endangered species have been kept alive, let your children experience this wonderful environment.


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