Transgender Jazz Jennings Lands Skincare Lines


jazz jennings

At only 14 years old, Jazz Jennings is becoming a household name, thanks to Johnson & Johnson’s Clean & Clear product line. Jazz has received national attention when she first contributed to Clean & Clear’s #SeeTheRealMe ad campaign, where she shared her “coming of age story.” Jazz took part in this campaign by submitting a video, talking about herself and what it was like growing up, understanding her own gender identity and what it was like for her. Clean & Clear’s decision to choose Jazz Jennings, being a transgender teen, was a bold move but is gaining much recognition with the media and is having positive feedback.


Although Jazz is happy that she was chosen for the ad campaign and admits to being very low maintenance, barely using any makeup but uses Clean & Clear products. She also explains that when she was growing up, she always had an understanding of who she was and because she has such a clear understanding, that makes her the perfect face for this national brand. She explains that she was a girl trapped in a boys body.Jazz Jennings states that growing up was a struggle because the bullying she faced was cruel and she recalls in her past, being called an “it,” due to people not knowing what to call her.


This isn’t the only project that Jazz is getting interest in recently. Time Magazine has named Jazz Jennings one of their most influential teens of 2014. She has also published a book about a transgender child, which is based on her true life experiences called, I am Jazz.  Along with a book deal, Jazz Jennings has also signed a deal with TLC to star in a new series about her life, All That Jazz, which was picked up for 11 episodes. This new series will focus on Jazz’s life as she approaches the teen years which includes the struggles of dating, school, sleepovers all as a transgendered girl. TLC’s Nancy Daniels stated; “Jazz’s story is universal, yet unique, and we’re proud to partner with her family to share it with TLC’s audience.”


With all the recognition, Jazz Jennings confidence has soared to the top. She credits her confidence in knowing who she is as a person for her success as an author, activist, and spokesperson for the transgender community.

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