Whether Or Not A Tutor Is Right For Your Child


Whether Or Not A Tutor Is Right For Your Child

The notion of tutoring, whether it’s because your child needs to catch up, keep up or just simply get ahead on their daily performance in school, is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, tutoring has been around for a very long time. Two bright philosophers and scholars learned from someone that knew more. Socrates, for instance, tutored Plato and Plato tutored Aristotle. Have you often thought your child may be in need for a tutor?

A tutor may be the answer:

  • If your child is struggling heavily, and they’re consistently getting failing grades in school.
  • If your child is consistently making up excuses as to why they’re not doing homework, is a sure sign because your child could be unhappy in school and/or having problems that you’re aware of.
  • If your child’s teacher sends notes home to you, that your child is acting out due to their disruptive behavior in class.
  • If your child develops low self-esteem and thinks negatively of himself in relation to his school performance.
  • If your child has test scores that do not reflect his daily performance

A good tutor will help your child develop certain study habits and organizational skills that could result in success, meaning significantly improved school work and test scores, so your child can feel good about themselves. When you decide whether or not to hire a tutor, you’re giving your child an opportunity to excel in the classroom, when they would otherwise not.

When children are successful in school, their confidence soars, which means other areas in their life will also thrive, giving them a foundation for a successful future. The purpose for a tutor is to teach children the efficient skills and techniques to use in the classroom, which will project them to rise even as adults. Even if your child is doing wonderful in class, they may benefit from outside help to possibly even sharpen study and test-taking skills.

If you decide a tutor is the route to take for your child, make sure the tutor is licensed and certified. Get recommendations for prospective tutors from family, friends or even teachers.

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