Modern Day Parenting: Why Comparing Yourself To Others May Not Be A High Enough Standard

Kids Are Contributing Less To The Well-Being Of Household (Meaning They Don’t Do Chores Anymore).

“In earlier generations, children and adolescents were given meaningful opportunities to be responsible by contributing not only to their households but also to their larger communities,” says Markella Rutherford in the new study, Children’s Autonomy and Responsibility: An Analysis of Child Rearing Advice.When did children start getting paid to do chores?! Chores—the daily upkeep of the material world around them—used to be part of life… from the beginning of life. Despite what your kids are telling you, less screen time and more time doing chores actually makes them happier. “Responsibility helps to raise a child’s self esteem, and household chores help to build something called “grit” in children. Grit is defined as the ability to perform a strenuous or difficult task without giving up. Children in the study who had more household chores, were more likely a child was to persistent in challenging or difficult tasks. These children were also happier. They score higher on scales relating to emotional well-being and happiness.”


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