Hair Do, Hair Don’t

Afro Puff

Dress codes have been a hot topic for years. Now, with schools becoming even stricter, I sometimes wonder just how far the schools will go before someone stops them. Dress codes started innocently enough, requiring skirts to be longer, and shirts to be tucked in. However, over the years schools have started to go even further, banning unnatural hair colors or in more recent year, even hairstyles.
Take the Lorain Horizon Science Academy in Ohio for instance. The school is currently under heat for banning afro-puffs and small twisted braids from their dress code. Not only was the expectations unclear by the administration (as the braids could refer to a number of hairstyles), but to restrict the afro-puff style without also banning ponytails, in a sense, is racist. Unlike other ethnicities, when an African American puts their hair into a ponytail, it doesn’t lay down.
I understand the restrictions for loud or distracting hairstyles, but banning natural hairstyles? It sounds more like another way to try to control the students, rather than a liable addition for the school dress code. Unfortunately, this is only one of many instances across the country where schools have gone too far (or at least in my opinion). Other situations have included: dreadlocks, t-shirts, skinny jeans, leggings, yoga pants, and more.

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