Stocking Stuffers under $20 for Pre-Tween Girls

Stockings are kind of a funny thing when it comes to traditions. Growing up, stockings were where all the treasures were–money and ski passes. And chocolate. But for other people, that’s where they get their underwear and toothbrushes (not that those things aren’t treasures, just treasures of a different kind…)

I love filling up stockings with little things that are weird to wrap, things that are kind of goofy to give as presents but things that they really want.

When it comes to my 7-year-old daughter, she is constantly swiping my little treasures–washi tape and binder clips and marker pens. She’s to an age where she can handle all that stuff, but it’s also stuff I’m not super likely to get her just because. So today, I’m sharing the things she’s getting in her stocking this Christmas.

1. Washi Tape. I have quite a stash, most of which I’ve acquired through Pick Your Plum (if you’re not familiar with their site, they sell different items every day, so you just check back every day and hope they have washi tape) and Etsy. And I always find her sneaking off with it. I use it for hanging up greeting cards, kids’ art work, wrapping presents, decorating stuff (yes, I realize that’s super specific), taping shut packages of goodies, etc. She does not use it for any of these things, but she reallyreallyreally wants mine. This particular pack is about $16 for a pack of 6, which is a good price. But keep your eyes out because there are always cute new ones popping up.

2. EOS Lip Balm. There’s something to be said for the shape of this lip gloss and the super cute colors and fantastic flavors. I can’t keep any of my kids out of this stuff, so they’re all getting their own this year. My dogs also would love nothing more than their own stash, but I’m pretty sure they’d die if they ever got one in their slobbery jaws. These are $2.99 from Target.

3. Beanie Babies. Yep. The old-school ones. I have a handful from the glory days and my husband has a little gray cat that all of my kids fight endlessly over. She loves these way more than the big-eyed Beanie Boos that they still sell. Plus, they have, like, 20 different styles of cats, so if your kid has crazy cat lady tendencies, you could always give it a test run with Beanie Baby cats. Or dogs. Or otters. They’re still easy to find brand-new on Ebay and Amazon, not for the millions of dollars we thought we’d make back in the day, but for very affordable modern-day prices. That’s either a good things or a bad thing based on the Beanie Baby investments you made back in 1997.

4. Jelly Beadz. I bought a package of these for my job at church (don’t ask…I still haven’t used them in that capacity, and I don’t know how I will, but I know it will be epic) she was obsessed. Obsessed. Actually, all my kids were–I have to keep these hidden. A little teaspoon of these absorbs tons of water and you wind up with cups and cups of gelatinous beads. So for Christmas, I bequeath unto her her own package of Jelly Beadz, no strings attached.

5. Binder Clips. I’m such a sucker for cute binder clips. It’s really bad because I don’t ever use the cute ones, I use the big, ugly black ones and save the cute ones, which kind of defeats the purpose of cute binder clips, but whatever. I often find really cute ones at Target, but I really love these ones. My daughter goes through binder clips like candy (um, she has books to bind. And single sheets of paper), so she’s getting her own collection of fun ones.

6. PaperMate Marker Pens. These are my all-time favorite pens. Or markers. Marker pens. I have a jar of them in every color and then another jar of black ones and I guard them with the vigilance of a post-partum bear. When I let my kids use them, it’s the biggest treat  (yeah, I know how that sounds; I’m a mean mom), so hopefully this is the gift that keeps on giving.

We’ll be sharing more gift guides leading up to Christmas! That’s assuming you’re like me and you have 0% (or maybe slightly more) of your holiday shopping done. Until then, what are your little girls loving this year?