Day: November 22, 2014


Trend Alert: Facial Cleansers with Essential Oils

A new crop of cleansing salves is keeping it fresh. Made with a blend of essential oils, these sulfate-free balms remove makeup and dirt while softening and moisturizing. Massage one of these three gentle, paraben-free pomades on dry skin, then rinse with water and a washcloth or muslin. Don’t be deterred by their prices—a pea-sized […]

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16 things you learn as an adoptive family

FOX Or the email, in some cases, when you first hear about the existence of a child that has been matched to your family. ABC A real parent changes diapers and catches puke with her hands and helps with homework and worries about her kid every day. A real parent keeps their child’s best interest […]

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Christmas Tree Pencil Toppers Craft { great class gift }

These pencil toppers crafts are a cinch to make  but the glittery foam makes them look super festive. What makes me feel even more festive is to think about how hard my daughter worked on these pencil toppers which will be her little gift to PreK classmates for Christmas. She goes to a church affiliated […]

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