Easy make-ahead Chicken Curry

I use Fresh & Easy simmer sauces for this reason quite frequently. We have a few favorites – I love using the Chili Verde sauce in the crockpot to make an easy shredded chicken for tacos or enchilalads.

I tried a new version this week and found another easy and healthy crockpot meal that I think may become a favorite. I’ve always wanted to figure out an easy chicken curry. Here’s how we made it:

This meal is so easy that it’s almost silly to write instructions, but here goes: put everything but the rice into a crockpot. Pour the sauce over the chicken and veggies.

Now, let it simmer and go about your business! About 2 hours on high, about 4 hours on low. 

At dinnertime, just heat up the pre-cooked bags of jasmine rice and serve!

A healthy meal full of veggies with very little prep time. Win-win.