Day: October 15, 2014


Yoga and Kickboxing Moves Can Lower Stress for Moms

New motherhood often feels anything but serene. Get zen fast with this routine designed by trainer Jessica Smith and her husband Guillermo Gomez, who just happens to be a fourth-degree black belt. It alternates kickboxing moves (to blast fat and karate-chop stress) with yoga and tai chi movements (sending your heart rate back down to […]

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Easy make-ahead Chicken Curry

I use Fresh & Easy simmer sauces for this reason quite frequently. We have a few favorites – I love using the Chili Verde sauce in the crockpot to make an easy shredded chicken for tacos or enchilalads. I tried a new version this week and found another easy and healthy crockpot meal that I […]

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Turn a plastic drink carton into a pet food scoop

I HATE buying small, overpriced packages of anything. Because of this hack, the money I save on dog food will pay for the fancy pet food storage bin I now keep in my basement. I admit, I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself about this one. I invite you to follow me on Instagram — I […]

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