Day: October 14, 2014


What I want you to know about having an eating disorder

I love food. I have always loved food. Pizza, cheese, pretzels, ice cream, candy…I could go on and on. My battle with food and body image and anxiety finally collided at the age of 13 when I began restricting food. This lasted for 2 years and then when my father died from brain cancer I discovered […]

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Swirled Pumpkin Cheesecake Brownies

Since Kate’s last post was a gorgeous salad,  specifically to provide a little detox from the pumpkin-apple-spiced baking overload everywhere (I saw those fingers pointing at me), I figured it was appropriate to return to the aforementioned overload.  October only happens once a year, ya know!  And, this is actually the last fall treat I […]

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Easy Bat Craft

This Halloween craft was so much fun to make. It’s quick which is really our only option most days, is it just me or do you get exponentially busier the older your kids get?  We’ve been meaning to get all Halloween crafty but time has been super short. This easy bat craft is the perfect […]

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8 tips for your child’s first Halloween

You know Halloween is a blast, but it can be scary and exhausting for a first-timer. Spooky costumes, strangers, creepy house decorations and sound effects mixed with a big dose of anticipation and sugar and you’ve got the makings of a toddler meltdown. How do you best prepare your toddler (and yourself) for her first […]

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