Day: October 6, 2014


That’s what SHE said: white fragility, hovering parents and marriage, genetic curiosities, parenting as a Gen-Xer, and more . . .

Black Is The New Black: White Privilege And White Fragility | SpokaneFAVSJust as sexual violence is a male problem, so too is racism a white problem. White Americans are complicit in — and the primary beneficiaries of — a system that dehumanizes and erases black lives. If Howard Zinn is correct that “our problem is […]

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Share your posts about kids activities, crafts, and early learning.

It’s time to add your links to Link & Learn. I love coming home from church to see the huge list of links and all your great ideas for kids activities. For all of you who read Link & Learn but don’t link up I hope it’s a useful one stop shop for you. I […]

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