Day: September 14, 2014


That’s what SHE said: miracles, lessons from bikes, being a little sexy, and more . . .

My Father’s Search For The Fisher King | How To Be a DadBoth men, Robin and my father Stephen, had their ashes spread over an ocean, each on an opposite side of the country. Both fought demons most of their natural existence. And both killed themselves. One used a belt. The other did it slowly […]

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September: A Time for New Beginnings

September marks the end of the summer and generally brings with it a flurry of activity. Whether you are preparing your kids for the first day of school or preparing yourself to dive back into work, it’s a busy time of year. If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, remember that September can also be […]

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Random News!

First of all, it’s now September, which means we need to announce our Scoop Giveaway Winner for August!  For those of you who are new, we grab all of the comments from ALL of the posts on The Scoop each month and we pick a random comment to win a random prize!  If you’ve missed […]

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