Day: August 31, 2014


Pregnancy Tips: How to Survive Summer Afternoons Outside

Shoot to score seats in the shade, but if not, pack a spray bottle to spritz yourself and duck into the AC (or under a roof) every half hour or so. Related: Combat The Hot-Weather Hazards of a Summer Pregnancy Pick foods high in water content (hey there, watermelon!), stay away from the heat of the […]

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This is the birthday that never ends

My husband celebrated a birthday near the beginning of the month, that somehow, as Howerton birthday often do, extended into a week of revelry.  On his actual birthday, we celebrated at a local restaurant with Mark’s parents. Mark shares a birthday with his dad, and his sister-in-law, and my nephew. Big day in our family. […]

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How To Prepare Your Kids For School From The Inside Out #QuakerUp

School supplies, new shoes, maybe a new backpack too. These things are important but this post about being prepared for school is about being prepared on the inside. As a paid Quaker For Classrooms Ambassador I have been sharing ways to get your kids ready for school as well as my own teacher appreciation story.  […]

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