Day: August 27, 2014


Hayden Panettiere Reveals the Sex of Her Baby

Oops! Hayden Panettiere let the sex of her baby slip on the red carpet. Related: Celebrity Pregnancies

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Is a college degree still worth it?

Mark Zuckerberg didn’t finish college. Neither did Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. But chances are, someone at my local Starbucks DID finish college…and now she’s putting her degree to work making lattes. I didn’t go to college to learn how to be a blogger, because blogging didn’t exist in those days. I have a degree […]

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Rhyming Activities For Kids

Rhyming is a vital part of literacy development. When children rhyme they play sounds and apply their abilities to new combinations of letter sounds. This is a fun activity for most children but some children really struggle with rhyming. For all kids we should be trying to make this fun. I encourage all parents to […]

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