Lactation Cookies

Looking for a way to help boost your breast milk supply? Sure, there are herbs and teas you can try, but wouldn’t it be awesome if eating cookies could make you more milk? Well, they can! Packed full of healthy ingredients that are shown to increase breast milk production, these yummy cookies will not only make you smile, but will keep your baby happy and satisfied as well.

What makes these cookies so special? They contain three ingredients that are galactagogues: a substance that increases lactation.

Don’t hog all the cookies, Mom! These are perfect for sharing with your kids and husband too. Just don’t tell them the name of the cookie, and you’re good to go. Lactation cookies are also great to make and give as a gift to a new mom. She’s got more than enough newborn clothes, but you can never have enough cookies. Not only will they help her if she’s nursing, they are sure to bring a little sweetness to her busy day!

For more nutritious ways on how to amp up your milk production, check out Increase Your Milk Supply at Breakfast!

Photo Credits: DaniSource: Peaceful Parenting

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