Day: July 17, 2014


We Want To Watch: Boyhood

Need a date night flick, mama? Then Boyhood just might be your answer (that is, unless you have that whole don’t-talk-about-the-kids rule for the evening). The film, directed by the very accomplished Richard Linklater (Dazed & Confused, Before Sunset, School of Rock), does what no film has done before. The entire cast—including the young boy […]

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15 Flora & Fauna Wallpapers

I was so inspired by the Auduban Society app I downloaded last week that I decided to connect my life of the great outdoors with my love of design. All of the gorgeous wildflowers and birds that surround our homes can serve as decoration (in print form of course) inside, too. So if you can’t […]

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That’s What She Said

All I Want For My 40th Birthday Is To Raise $4,000 | Cam BowmanSo this is why I want you to help me raise $4000 for my 40th. Four thousand dollars would do so much good for this organization. It would give them equipment to help their surveillance teams, tables and chairs to work on, […]

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Inspiration: Perfect Playrooms

Playrooms are a great place to encourage positive play and imagination, and to help keep all the toys in one spot. If you are lucky enough to have an extra space to dedicate solely to the kids (a spare bedroom, den, family room, or basement), boy do we have some eye candy for you. We’ve searched high and low […]

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Activity #20: Visit a Farmers Market

by Whitney Moss on June 23, 2014 in Eating,Free/Cheap,Green,Month 5 Navigating the stroller through a busy farmers market is a worthwhile challenge. There are so many things to look at for your baby, it’s worth the effort. Does this not sound like enough action for you? Believe me, it is. You will see other babies, […]

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