Day: July 9, 2014


How generous are you, really?

by Lisa ByrneAbout a year ago, I was on the couch at the end of a very long and exhausting day catching up with my husband. I remember saying to him, “I used to be a generous person.” In my pre-mom life, I went on international volunteer trips, I built schools and taught English in […]

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AMAZON DEAL: Big Book of Boy Stuff for Kindle only $1.99

Bart King is on my mind for five reasons. I saved the best for last. 1. He’s the author of two of my kids’ favorite books. He’s written many books, but two of my kids’ longtime favorites are The Big Book of Boy Stuff and The Big Book of Gross Stuff. 2. He’s a local author, like really local. I […]

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Falling off the Wellness Wagon

Running a health and wellness website like this one has its unique challenges.  We want to post as many articles as we can to keep you motivated and on the path to wellness, but in the process, we don’t want to paint an unrealistic picture of our lives.  We are busy mothers, and sometimes, that […]

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On Hobby Lobby, employee injustice, and the inconvenient cost of caring

This week the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby’s right to deny coverage of birth control methods they deem to be “abortifacients,” and it seems like the whole internet exploded in outrage. My facebook and twitter feed were lit up with rants about women’s rights and boycotts and religious tyranny. And I get […]

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