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Why Is Creative Play Important For Your Child?

Why Is Creative Play Important For Your Child? In life, when we’re given the chance to freely express ourselves, this is called creativity. While it comes in many forms, children especially, benefit from these different forms of creativity. When these children are given the opportunity to commit entirely, and be free with themselves, this allows […]

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Children’s Online Safety

Children’s Online Safety Recently, there have been new threats to parents and children over the internet known as “cyber kidnapping”, a direct threat to online safety.  It occurs when someone takes an image of someone else’s child on a social media website and posts it as if the child is their own. There was a […]

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How To Start Bonding With Your Step Children

Blending your family isn’t always easy.  When it comes to bonding child with step-parents it might be a bit tough too.  Depending on the age of the child, they could be not accepting of a new parent in their life.  Another thing to consider is how the child’s natural parent feels, and whether they may […]

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Are We Coddling Our Kids Too Much?

Are We Coddling Our Kids Too Much? Lately I have heard of tiny babies with elaborate birthday parties, a mom who makes an annual time capsule for her son to give him on his 18th birthday and parents who worry about their children’s safety the moment they walk out the door. Have we become the […]

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How To Childproof Your Home

  Instead of worrying about your child being abducted or getting hurt from their day to day activities, think about your own home possibly being unsafe. Unintentional deaths are the leading cause of deaths in children ages 14 and under, and a third of those deaths happen at home. Your children have the highest risk […]

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