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What To Put On Your Baby Registry?

    Trying to register for a first baby is challenging in many aspects. Putting it together can be very confusing for first time parents. While most people agree that you will need baby clothes and bedding, they’re also some great items that are essential to your list. A lot of first time moms “over-register,” […]

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5 Fears All Parents Go Through

It’s amazing how carefree you live before you have a child. You live day to day, never worrying about the little things. However, once you become pregnant, your entire world changes. Fear becomes a constant; not from the same things, but because there always seems to be something new. For instance, while I was pregnant […]

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Benefits and risks of circumcision

Circumcision is the surgical removal of the foreskin from the male sex organs. If circumcision is to be carried out, it is advised that it be done when the baby is a day or two old. The later it is done, the worse it becomes for the health of the baby. The issue of circumcision […]

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