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Keeping Kids Safe Around Guns

In a world where there are tragic headlines where children are shooting other children, or even their own parents on accident, it is necessary to know how to teach gun safety to your children.  As part of gun safety you need to make sure that you are teaching your children to play with guns the […]

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Comforting a Child Who Lost Their Pet

Many children feel like their pets are members of the family.  So when a pet dies, it can be a tragic loss for them that might hurt far worse than a parent could imagine.  Since parents know that their child might suffer, many try to protect them by trying to tell them something that might […]

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Fun Crafts to Make with Toddlers     

Toddler craft time can be quite difficult.  You might not believe it but there are some amazing crafts that you can make with your toddlers to use as gifts.  These are things that your toddler gets to help you with and can be perfect for any of the important people in their life.   Creative Canvases […]

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Artist Jen Garrido And Her Adorable Mini-Me, Jemma Bee

All moms wear lots of hats. But Jen Garrido might wear a few more than the rest of us. The fine artist and S.F. resident not only creates stunning acrylic-and-watercolor masterpieces, she also produces quirky-cool printed tea towels, napkins, clutches, and other accessories under the name Jenny Pennywood, more affordable works of art on paper […]

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