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The Truths About ADHD and Stimulant Drugs

Doctors and health professionals say many things about ADHD that have been unproven. These are the same health professionals that say things about drugs, saying that they cure ADHD, and this simply isn’t true. Here are common misleading facts you may have been told about ADHD. If you’ve been told “ADHD is a brain-based biological […]

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How Finances Affect Grandparents Mobility

We have become a more mobile society.  With more and more families moving to chase the bigger paychecks, the American ideal of living in the town where you grew up is becoming the stuff of films instead of our lives. But alongside that change is another one, that of grandparents pulling up stakes when they […]

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Is My Child Dehydrated?

Summer is approaching fast, which means keeping your child well-hydrated so they can avoid the dangers of getting dehydrated. Children are naturally active and that’s why its important to monitor their behavior when its hot out. Staying well educated and understanding the symptoms of dehydration will help to prevent a potentially dangerous situation from occurring. […]

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Natural Sunscreen For The Entire Family

When summer hits, it’s time for your children to lather up the sunscreen. Whether your child is at the beach, taking a stroll around town, or in the backyard, sunscreen is a definite must. When choosing a sunscreen, you’ll want to choose one that is at least SPF 30 that screens both UVA and UVB […]

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The Importance Of Brushing Teeth

Let’s face it, taking care of your teeth may be your least favorite thing to do, but we know we have to do it. Especially when it comes to taking care of your child’s teeth, it should be a priority because this will help to get your child in a good habit of keeping their […]

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Avoid Sunscreens With Harmful Ingredients

It’s that time of year where we start enjoying the weather, and wanting to stay busy and active outside. Every year, millions of Americans are diagnosed with skin cancer every single year. Even though people are applying sunscreen ritually, the rates of skin cancer are still climbing each year. Among the four different studies conducted […]

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Go To Bed With A Smile

Many Americans have a hard time falling asleep, most of them struggling with insomnia. In fact, 35 percent of Americans struggle with insomnia. When a person struggles with their sleep, this can affect their critical thinking skills and their mood can be agitated. That’s why it’s good to do whatever you can do to get […]

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5 Things You Own That Contain Animal Byproducts

It sounds smart, but some of the most surprising items we eat or use every day, contain the byproducts of animals. Almost all of these items will surprise any person who is living an animal-free life. Some items that contain animal byproducts are ones that you would never even think of, and probably still have […]

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The Real Threat of Teenagers And Sexting

The Real Threat of “Sexting” Sexting is defined as a sexually explicit message usually sent as a text message from one person to another. As long as a sext takes place between two mature and consenting adults, there is nothing wrong with sending such a message, although it’s usually not recommended. As we’ve all learned […]

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The Survival Tips For A Newly Single Mother

The Survival Tips For Newly Single Mothers Chances are if you’re a newly-single mother, you never anticipated being one. Sadly, the odds of two people staying married are pretty slim, especially when divorce rates are a staggering 50% for first time marriages, and increases to 67% for second-time marriages. Raising children is full of ups […]

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Ways Your Children Can Stay Active

Ways Your Children Can Stay Active The end of the school year is approaching and summer is the perfect time to get outside, stay active, and exercise. There are more and more children being classified as obese or overweight than ever before. A regular involvement in physical activity is one of the main essentials we […]

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Haylie Duff Gives Birth To Baby Girl

Haylie Duff Gives Birth To Baby Girl Haylie Duff gave birth to a baby girl, Monday May 11, 2015. According to US Magazine, a rep for Haylie confirmed, “Haylie Duff and fiancé Matt Rosenberg welcomed their first child, a baby girl, on Monday, May 11, in Los Angeles, California. Both mom and baby are doing […]

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