Go To Bed With A Smile

ways to smile before bed

Many Americans have a hard time falling asleep, most of them struggling with insomnia. In fact, 35 percent of Americans struggle with insomnia. When a person struggles with their sleep, this can affect their critical thinking skills and their mood can be agitated. That’s why it’s good to do whatever you can do to get a good night sleep, but more importantly go to bed with a smile. There are so many people in this world, and what makes each of us smile is individual. Many sleep experts weigh in on what they believe are super easy ways of how to get you cracking that smile before you close your eyes.

grateful woman

Be Thankful

It’s so important to end each and every day in a positive frame of mind. Even if the day was awful, think of the positives that happened, and reflect on that rather than the negatives. Writing in a journal each night of the good things that happened during the day is important, that way you can get it off your chest. When a person thinks of all the things they’re thankful for, this will turn any mouth upwards into a smile.

meditate in bed


Many people find that meditating before the night is done helps for a better nights rest. When a person uses meditation and guided Imagery, this leads them to instantly relax, while gaining a whole new perspective about their day. If a person is in a more depressed area, having them thinking their walking on a beach or in a rainforest can help to encourage happiness and sleep.

reading in bed

Read A Good Book

When a person reads before bed, this is a wonderful way to relax. By reading something fun and positive, this will help to gain a better perspective on the day and help to look forward to the next one. You’ll want to make sure the book is a light read and not about something too heavy.

parent child coloring


When we color freely in a book or on a single piece of paper, this can actually be quite relaxing. One of the best activities before bed that you can do with your children is to color. When a person starts to color, there’s no pressure to do anything right away, making it the best thing to do before bed.